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IoT Fuelcell

We are conducting research to combine fuel cell power generation and IoT technology.

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Portable fuelcell

Our portable and flexible fuel cell technologies can resolve the technical problems of current portable fuel cells have, so that we can acquire increased durability, compact system design, cost reduction and fast fuel charging time.

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Hydrogen Storage

We have developed solid hydrogen technology which is key factor to introducing hydrogen economy on the first hand.


Fuelcell for UAV and Drone
High Performance Fuelcell for UAV and Drone

We offer high performance fuelcell system for UAV and drone application. Fuel cells have advantages with long operating times (>2 hour) for UAV application over batteries. We provide Intelligent Energy's reliable hydrogen fuelcell systems to satisfy customer's need.


Our Leadership

Ju Hyung Lee

Dr. Ju Hyung Lee has almost 20 years business experience in renewable energy and IT industry. After 5 years’ experience as senior engineer in Samsung electronics semiconductor division, he searched his career as more aggressive innovator.

Haetahk Chung

Mr. Haetahk Jung has diverse experience as CEO and professionals. As a founder of many company and search firm, he has competence in HR and negotiations. He is author of book (“Interview English capturing interviewer”).

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